Welcome to the Premodern European Championship 2024 website! It is a great privilege to invite you to yet another volume of the largest and most prestigious Premodern tournament in Europe!

Mark your calendars, and tune your decks, the finest Premodern event of the year makes its stop in Prague, Czechia this year on the 21st of September!

But there’s more to come… We have prepared a whole weekend of Magic for you! Stay tuned for our updates on the Friday Player Meetup and Sunday events!

Friday Player Meetup (20th September): to be announced
Saturday Main event (21st September): Premodern European Championship
Sunday events (22nd September): Czech National Championship in Duel Commander

General Info

Event venue: F&B Catering, Paspa Hall – Nádražní 43/84, Prague, Czechia (www.fbcatering.cz/en/contact). The venue is situated in the outer part of the city centre in the historic building of the Prague Staropramen Brewery. For directions, public transport, and other practical info, please see the section Traveling, Accommodation, and Leisure Activities below.

Date: 2024, 20th of September (Player Meetup), 21st of September (Premodern main event), 22nd of September (to be announced).

Payment: We accept international bank transfers (IBAN+BIC) and Czech domestic bank transfers. In case you are unable to use those, contact us via email.

Food & Drinks: The restaurant on the ground floor of the venue (Potrefená Husa) offers a full lunch/dinner menu as well as drinks and small snacks.

Cancellation: In the case of cancellation, you are eligible for a full refund up until three weeks before the event date (i.e., 31st August at the latest). For organizational reasons, later cancellations will not be refunded. Please let us know as soon as possible if you cannot attend. Please find our contact info below.

Spectators: Due to limited space at the venue, spectators will not be allowed at the event.

Contact: You can reach us at czechpremodern@gmail.com

Friday Player Meetup

To be announced – stay tuned!

Saturday Main Event – Premodern European Championship

Event date: 21st of September, 2024. Start: 10:00 (Venue opens at 9:00)

Entry fee: 1000 CZK (40 €)

Registration: To register for the event, please use the registration form below. The entry fee payment is carried out via bank transfer. Payment information will be provided upon registration. Your registration is NOT completed until your payment is processed.

Register for Premodern European Championship

Prizes: PM staple cards – to be announced. Check our web and Facebook page for future updates!

Structure: Regular Swiss + Top 8; 50 min timed rounds.

Rounds: 2–64 players = 6 rounds; 65–128 players = 7 rounds; 129–200 players = 8 rounds

Cap: 200 players (In the case that the number of registrations exceeds the player cap, we will issue a waitlist)


Judges: The tournament will be held at Regular REL but we will still have multiple judges at the event to ensure a smooth progress of the tournament; answering any rules questions, or solving weird board states and disagreements.

Players are expected to act in a friendly and respectful manner. Any unsporting or aggressive conduct will not be tolerated. Players involved can be disqualified from the event and removed from the venue.

Rules: The rules of Premodern, including the legal sets and banned cards, can be found at premodernmagic.com/rules.

Reprints/Proxies: All tournament legal cards AND Collector's Edition (IE/CE) and World Championship/Gold Bordered cards are allowed at the PMEC. That means that you can play either your Alpha, Japanese 4th, Magic 2011, or gold-bordered Lightning Bolt. You are NOT allowed to play any other types of proxy cards including the Czech Premodern Championship 2023 Edition Basic Lands.

All players are expected to use card sleeves with a matt background to prevent any potential misunderstandings regarding imperfect card conditions. This is especially true for IE/CE/WCD cards.

Decklists/photos: You need to upload both a written decklist and a photo of your deck before the 18th of September at 23:59 CEST (UTC +2) via your registration link. No deck changes are allowed afterward. There might be random deck checks during the tournament.

If you do not have all the cards available for taking your deck photo (e.g., because you intend to borrow some cards on-site right before the event), you can substitute the missing cards with proxies. However, we remind you that the use of proxies in the tournament itself is prohibited.

If you fail to upload your decklist and deck photo by the aforementioned deadline, you will be disqualified from the event.

Sunday – Czech National Championship in Duel Commander

Meet the best DC players from across the country and abroad at a one of a kind event that the Czech scene has been missing!
Play for the biggest prize pool in the history of Czech DC with a guaranteed blue dual and a trophy for the first and great prizes for the top 16.
Become the Czech national champion, the best of the best.

Event date: Sunday, September 22, 2024. Start: 10:00 (Venue opens at 9:00). Tournament will be held as part of the European Championships in Premodern.

Entry fee: 850 CZK (35 €), on-site 1200 CZK (50 €)

Registration: online registration is possible until: 31 August 2024. Registration is completed upon payment.

I want to participate!

You can check your name here.

You will be asked to fill in the registration form and submit your decklist prior to the tournament.

Payment: Please, state in the note: "MCR Prague" / your "full name" and "email" you use to register for MTG Companion.

CZK: 393648173/0800

EURO (IBAN): CZ66 0800 0000 0020 7494 4273 (we are Revolut friendly)

Note that this payment information is for SUNDAY DUEL COMMANDER, not for Premodern European Championship!

Prizes: Play for the biggest prize pool in the history of Czech DC with a guaranteed blue dual and a trophy for the first and great prizes for the top 16.

Structure: Regular Swiss + Top 16; 50 min timed rounds.

Rounds: 65–128 players = 6 rounds + top 16; 129–200 players = 7 rounds + top16

Cap: 200 players (In the case that the number of registrations exceeds the player cap, we will issue a waitlist)

Where: F&B Catering, Paspa Hall – Nádražní 43/84, Prague, Czechia (www.fbcatering.cz/en/contact). Located in The Smíchov Brewery. Metro station (Anděl) and parking lots are within walking distance from the site. The venue is located in the city center.

FB Event: Here you can find out everything about the event. Follow us so you do not miss anything important.


Decklists and completion of the registration form will be required at the tournament.

Rules: www.mtgdc.info/comprehensive-rules

BANNED and RESTRICTED list: www.mtgdc.info/banned-restricted

Companion code: 7EXD463

Traveling, Accommodation, and Leisure Activities

By plane

Nearest airport: Václav Havel Airport, Prague

Take the airport bus (line 119) to the terminal station Nádraží Veleslavín (about 15 min), then board the Metro line A to the station Můstek (6 stations), change lines to Metro line B and take it to the station Anděl (3 stations). The venue is 5 min away by walk from there.

By train

The train station (Praha – Smíchov) is 15 min away by walk from the venue. Alternatively, take the Metro line B from Smíchovské nádraží to Anděl (1 station).

By bus

From the main bus station (Praha – ÚAN Florenc) board the Metro line B to the station Anděl (5 stations). The venue is 5 min away by walk from there.

By car

Note that parking in Prague is regulated. Blue and purple zones are free outside of Mon–Fri 8–20h. Charged parking in these zones is available for 3 hours and 12 hours respectively. We strongly recommend parking your car in a P+R parking lot outside of the city center and taking public transport instead.

By public transport

Take any type of public transport (bus, tram, metro) to the station Anděl (e.g. Metro line B). The venue is 5 min away by walk from there.

Tickets for public transport

The tickets for public transport in Prague can be bought in several ways:

  • In information centers and selling points at most metro stations
  • In yellow ticket vending machines at metro stations and some other transit stops
  • In newspaper shops anywhere in Prague
  • In trams
  • Using the mobile app PID Lítačka – available both on Google Play and Apple Store

Prague public transport offers several types of tickets with limited time use:

  • 30 min ticket (price: 30 CZK)
  • 90 min ticket (price: 40 CZK)
  • 24 h ticket (price: 120 CZK)
  • 72 h ticket (price: 330 CZK)

More information is available at pid.cz/en/tickets-and-fare/how-to-buy-ticket/.


The closest hotel with parking available is Hotel Augustus et Otto, but there are many hotels and apartments available nearby.

Leisure Activities

The event is situated in a brewery. If you have a bye or drop, feel free to visit Potrefená Husa restaurant situated on the ground floor.


This event wouldn't have been possible without our sponsors!


Adam Koska
Adam Koska
Chief Commentator

Age: 38
Plays Magic since: 1999 (Mercadian Masques)
Favorite PM deck: BG Midrange Gamekeeper
Favorite PM card: Greater Good

  • An obsessive deck builder who's on a never-ending quest to find a home for bad cards.
  • A witch cursed his tiebreakers when he was a baby.
  • Once strangled a cobra with his bare hands while playing (and winning) a local FNM draft.
Jirka Tůma
Jirka Tůma
Public Relations

Age: 35
Plays Magic since: 2000 (Nemesis)
Favorite PM deck: Zombie Survival
Favorite PM card: Zombie Infestation

  • Local premodern player, and an avid deck brewer.
  • Keeps having vivid nightmares about his children playing Standard.
  • Ran a series of statistically significant experiments proving that UW Control is a thermodynamic equilibrium of any deckbuilding process in every format.
Jirka "kokYnity" Čermák
Jirka Čermák

Age: 33
Plays Magic since: 2001 (Odyssey)
Favorite PM deck: FEB
Favorite PM card: Survival of the Fittest

  • Local premodern grinder.
  • Enjoys the ultimate devastation of his opponents.
  • Has deep personal issues with swords depicted in any art of Swords to Plowshares.
  • If Jirka was a Bogle, he would be enchanted with five Rancors, ten Holy Strengths, one Pariah, and three Cho Manno's Blessings.
Václav Lhotka
Václav Lhotka
Tech Support

Age: 36
Plays Magic since: 1998 (Stronghold)
Favorite PM deck: Stasis
Favorite PM card: Stasis

  • People forbid him to play Stasis, so he builds different decks to entertain his opponents.
  • During winter, he hibernates into a stasis and almost does not play premodern.
  • Was added to the team to reduce number of Stasis decks in our tournaments.
Ondra Skalička
Ondra Skalička
Website, Tech Support

Age: 38
Plays Magic since: 1997 (Tempest)
Favorite PM deck: Any variant on White Weenie
Favorite PM card: Armageddon, always

  • Typical score 0-4.
  • Builds decks for visuals rather than for power.
  • Still strongly believe damage should go on the stack!